Afro Street Dance


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The Afro-street dance is a dance expression and lifestyle whose happiness is not based on material possessions, but on genuine contentment and fulfillment on every street in africa. The workshop aims to pick up the most famous and popular afro dance style (including Zanku, Shaku-shaku, Kupe, Balaya, Vosho, Sho, Poco dance and the likes) from the streets of africa and make it known to the world. It will uncover the mystery behind the sychrony between afrobeats and body movement to create a rythm that seems like food to your soul.  It will also be an amazing platform to socialize with people with common interests.

The workshop have been prepared to accomodate the needs of beginners, intermediate and even advanced dancers.  

Folarin is a pure and raw afro-street dancer, a star on every afrobeats dance floor even when unprepared for the occassion. He has performed on the biggest stages in Nigeria, UK and Australia. His dance skills ranges from Afro, hiphop, salsa, B-boying to mention a few. His dance is typified of being an organized, fun-filled yet impactful party. Come, Let us do the newest afrobeats dance moves to the newest afrobeats songs. You will not regret this.

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What you will learn
  • Afro Grooves
  • A high energy Afro choreographed routine
What you will get
  • Confidence
  • Rhythm
  • Freedom

What to bring
  • Smile
  • Friends
  • Good vibes
What to wear

Wear clothes that you can move easily in and comfy footwear.

Appropriate for


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