Hoop Yoga Flow

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Hoop Yoga Flow

Relax your mind, strengthen your body and activate your spine with Hoop Yoga Flow.  

Hoop Yoga Flow - an hour of mindful movement. Hoop Yoga Flow is an integrated movement form drawn from the Yoga Synergy method and and the soothing, rhythmic motions of hooping. Practiced with slow flowing movements, this easy to learn body flow invites you to feel fully alive and deeply rested. The class includes a gentle spinal flow sequence, core training, balance practice, hula hooping on the waist, creative movement and a beautiful relaxation.

Hoop Yoga Flow is a 60 minute workshop that explores the 8 core movements of the spine. By activating the spine from the core, an increase in energy flows through your entire body. Set to a luscious soundscape, this class is a relaxing movement meditation for your body, mind and soul. Suitable for all skill levels.


  • relaxation

  • strength

  • stability

  • flexibility

  • balance

  • improved posture

  • increased blood circulation

  • core power

  • stress relief

  • pain relief 

  • focus 

  • fitness

  • enjoyment.

Bunny Star is a certified Yoga Synergy instructor and creatrix of Hoop Empire Australia. 

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What you will learn
  • Core power
  • Strength
What you will get
  • Relaxtion
  • Improved posture

What to wear

comfortable workout clothing

Appropriate for

Everyone is welcome

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28 September 2019 • Hoop Yoga Flow

Great class! Amazing mix of hooping, yoga, chi gung. Thanks Bunny!


24 September 2019 • Hoop Yoga Flow

I absolutely loved the Hoop Yoga Flow class with Bunny. It was fun, got a great workout and feel really invigorated afterwards. I really enjoyed Bunny's teaching style.